Inspiration from the heart

Lessons from a cell phone

By Alethea Gaddis

“Can you hear me now?” Does this phrase sound familiar? If you’re like me, it brings to mind a cell phone television commercial featuring a man trying to have a conversation on his mobile phone. Scenario conveys to the viewer that there is a poor connection and the sound is distorted. The suggestion is that another cell phone company has a greater capacity to offer superior service, which allegedly eliminates or minimizes connection issues.

Just about everyone has experienced the frustration of using the cell phone for an important call and having the signal suddenly drop. We change positions, check the volume, cock our head to the side, and plug one ear with the index finger. Even then, there’s still minimal chance that one or more of these actions will remedy the connection issue. If you drive and chat, like me, you can be cruising the outer belt and collide with a dead zone that kills your signal and drops the call.

No matter where we find ourselves, He is near.

A cellular network is composed of many different cellular towers that our phone communicates with in order to make a phone call. Our phone automatically connects to the nearest tower when we’re making a call and continues to communicate with that tower as long as it remains the closest one in range. If we’re on the move though, whether walking, or driving, then we are more likely to move out of the range of your closest tower and a handoff will occur to move your call to the new closest tower. During the handoff the call drops.

Well, let me remind you that we are positioned to enjoy two-way communication with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Think about the issues that cause our cell phone to be unreliable. Then, examine and compare those same components and see why God is totally reliable:

Access - He has the whole world in his Hands, Yet, if every single human being occupying space on the globe called out to him at the same time, He can hear and answer each of us.

Tower - Our access can’t be interrupted because of our proximity to a cell tower. No matter where we find ourselves, He is near.

Proximity - He sits high, yet looks low, and His arm is long enough to reach us at any given point in time.

Connection - There’s no man made software glitch that can hamper our access.

Handoff – He will handle our petitions Himself. There’s no chance of Him passing us off to anyone else. He simply dispatches a human vessel to be the conduit of His promise.

So, when we want to shower Him with love and adoration, know that He hears you. And, if it’s storming in your life, fear not. He controls the storm and it’s not possible for weather conditions to interfere with His plan and purpose for your life.