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by Pastor Herber Banks

If we trust God even when we are hurting, in pain, or in a storm, he will bring us through.

by Minister Brian Holland

If you say that you have faith then you must put that faith into action when you pray.

By Deacon Isaiah Cobb

The choice to wrap yourself in gratitude is like dressing yourself each morning.

By Sister Felicia Hence

Thank God we have someone watching over us, to encourage and uplift us when we are having those days.

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When change comes, how we respond to it is often times more important than the change itself.

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Be sure to read FCOG interviews in Q&A! In this issue we interview Sister Ericka Settles.

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Back-to-school is just on the horizon and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the things we need to contend with.

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Here are some simple and quick meals that will complement the Summer season!