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Welcome to the 10th edition of EMPOWERMENT MAGAZINE!

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Current Issue: FALL 2019

God Desires the Truth

When we discover who we are in Christ, the power available to live godly,


The use of the word “morbid” . . .

inspiration from the heart: fully persuaded

What concerns line your prayer list?

Seasonal Updates

Fall is here! Learn how to keep yourself healthy and active. Both physically and mentally.

Previous Issues

Summer 2019

Be sure to check out this special edition dedicated to INcrease.

Summer 2018

Got haters in your life? Here is how to deal with them.

Winter 2018

Hate, death, confusion, it's the new norm. Or is it?

Summer 2017

Trusting God when we hurt can be a challenege. A. Big. Challenge.

Spring 2017

Is the word DETERMINATION just a, well, just a word?

Past Issues

From dealing with difficult people, without loosing your religion, to why we need to save our black youth.



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