By Deacon Isaiah Cobb

here are many blessings when gratitude is used on a daily basis. The word gratitude means the quality of being thankful; and the readiness to show appreciation for an act of kindness given by an individual(s). Over the years, I have learned the importance of saying, “thank you”to others for their act of kindness. It could have been the opening of a door, a phone call just when I need someone to talk to, or helping an individual in time of crisis. Sometimes, gratitude comes from a little child’s perspective. Even a child you never met before.

I was on my first job during the late seventies at a grocery store called “Piggly Wiggly, Southerners” in the heart of Louisville, Georgia. This is where I learned the responsibilities of working on a job. My job title was Courtesy Clerk with the responsibilities to bag, and unload customer’s groceries from their shopping cart. One day, I was working on the front when a young lady and her daughter entered the store. I had never laid eyes on this mother and daughter before. Perhaps, they were visiting or were shoppers from out of town. They did some shopping and soon were waiting in line to pay for their groceries. I just happened to be the Courtesy Clerk to unload and bag their order. After I finished, I followed them to their vehicle. As we approached the vehicle, the mother made a comment and said, “I believe I locked my keys in my car.”

Jesus is the Reason!

Once we were close enough to her vehicle, I could see the keys in the ignition. I knew I had to help this customer quickly, because of their groceries and the little girl. So, I returned to the store to retrieve a clothes hanger, then I put my skills to work to unlock the door. Shortly afterwards, I accomplished the mission. My customer was relieved and very thankful for my help and they were able to go home. Nevertheless, it was through a child’s eyes that got my attention. For the entire time until I transferred to another city, this little girl named, Joanna would find me in the grocery store and speak to me. It was a friendly relationship between this six year old girl and me, and I thank God for the opportunity to have known her for that season in my life. They were one of my favorite customers because of their gratitude for my service on a different level. Many people from all walks of life are waiting to express a “thank you”; all it takes an act of kindness in words or deeds.

This story has impacted my life in many ways. One, we should always be thankful for little things. This little girl was very thankful for my assistance in unlocking her mom’s car. Two, the Holy Bible reads in 1 Thessalonians 5:18(KJV), In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you. The love shown to mankind and sacrifice given by the Begotten Son is more than enough to show and share gratitude to Almighty God. We can share it in words and deeds by living a Christian Life wherever we go. The choice to rob yourself in gratitude is like dressing yourself each morning, you can do it because it is the wise and rightful thing to do. Or, you can choose to let blessings pass you by, because the choices you made were not wise. Today, make your choice to be thankful in all things, and see your view in life through a child’s eyes and be thankful. The choice is yours.