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I am excited and delighted to once again share with you our church's E-magazine, Empowerment!

As many of you know the past several months have been busy and filled with change here at First church. We have been worshipping in our youth church during the Retrofit of our sanctuary. We have added a Saturday evening service that has been warmly embraced both by our members and neighbors of our community.

As I thought about these past few months, I began to see how our journey is an illustration of life. Life is filled with change, some of which we plan for, others that come unexpected. When change comes, how we respond to it is often times more important than the change itself. Sometimes people resist change and fight against it which often makes the change more difficult and challenging, but when we embrace change it often yields great fruit and benefit.

Finally, change is not always negative or destructive, in fact it can be transformative and we often are better after the change than before. As seasons change and our lives take various turns, let me encourage you to remember the seasons of life: they change; they are unique; and they call us to adjust but each season has beauty when we embrace and celebrate it!