Is there anything you need to release so that you might realize the new levels and life that God has for you?



2018 pastorial appreciation day

What an awesome Pastor, father figure, and leader we have at First Church of God.

dealing with the the haters in your life

Haters have been around for years! Just look at Jesus! He had plenty of them.

No shortcuts to growth

Spiritual shortcuts are related to our modern age where shortcuts and rapid results abound, and that's a problem.

How to pray for your pastor

They see so much. They hear so much. They go through so much.

Inspiration from the Heart: turn your shackles into music

I am reminded that I do have at my disposal, a tool that can loose the shackles.

In Every Issue

Q & A with Senequa Chapman-Umpierre

See what the principal owner of FAYIN Insurance has to say about God, success, and overcoming challenges.

Seasonal Update: essential cleaning tips, all year long

A good, deep, clean helps carry that "fresh" feeling all year long!

From the Kitchen

Try this simple chicken meal that will surely make everyone happy all season long. Then end it with a tasty treat for dessert!