Is there anything you need to release so that you might realize the new levels and life that God has for you?



2017: A Year in the life of first church of God

Let's face it; we were so blessed in the year 2017 here at First Church. Take a look back at just SOME of our accomplishments!

Trusting God In 2018

What can we do to assure a solid pathway as we move forward? How can we trust God in 2018.

Your Personal Jesus

Who or what is your personal "fix"?

5 things Christians should do in preparation for 2018

I know, it's just another year you might say, but for me, I believe that God is preparing good things for us this coming year

Inspiration from the Heart: Lessona from a Cell Phone

Let me remind you that we are positioned to enjoy two-way communication with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

In Every Issue

Q & A with Terreece clarke

Meet the V.I.P. of marketing!

Seasonal Update: Winter Hair

As the season change, so should your hair maintenance routine

Seasonal Update: Perfectionism

Imperfection—and the acknowledgment of it—is actually a good thing.

From the Kitchen

Take a look at these Winter meals that are sure to keep you warm!